Learner profile

Learners are Communicators – they understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication. They work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others.

Students expressing their thoughts about peace and conflict

Learners are Inquirers – they acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning. They actively enjoy learning and this love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

Students researched about different body systems in groups and expressed their understanding.

Learners are Principled – They act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity
of the individual, groups and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that
accompany them.

dance LP attribute

Students received learner profile attribute of being principled for completing their homework in Dance and sharing their knowledge 

Our understanding of the learner profile attributes…