Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live!

Blog (16th January – 25th January)

After a long winter break, the students returned to school rejuvenated and rested. They were filled with exciting stories of their time spent with family and friends.

The students were introduced to the unit, ‘Body systems’ under the Transdisciplinary Theme’ Who We Are’. Their understanding was brought to the fore during the brainstorming session where they had to decipher the system in the objects given to them, hence establishing that each system needs all parts to work together. This understanding was extended to body systems. They shared their knowledge about body systems and labelled the organs in their journals.

Students also watched videos and made a flowchart showing different organs of the digestive system.


English was integrated with Unit of inquiry lessons where the students comprehended a poem based on digestive system and answered related questions. New and challenging words were brainstormed and noted on the word wall. Students were introduced to travelogue writing through a class discussion. A sample was shown after which the key elements of a travelogue were identified by the students.  They then proceeded to create a mind map of the places visited during their vacation. A brief recap of the chapters from the book  ‘At least a fish’ was done to recall the events. The class created their own questions on the sequence of events read so far using a question cube.


Students were introduced to the concept of area through a group activity where they used square cut outs to cover the inner space of rectangular and square shaped objects. Later they counted the number of squares to find the area and understood the relationship between length, breadth and area. That’s how they derived the formula for calculating the area of a rectangle and square. They also revisited the concept of perimeter and practiced sums based on it. They understood the difference between the area and perimeter of a shape. To hone the skills of mental calculation, students practiced mental math sums.

Hindi: Standard

Students wrote the names of their favourite food and discussed how it is healthy and nutritious.  

After watching  a video titled  ‘रहीम का टेस्टी खाना’, about the importance of healthy food; the students listed difficult words and wrote their meaning in the process journal, which improved their writing skills.



Hindi: Abinito

Students discussed how they spent their winter vacations. Students learned “ta”, ” ha”, “cha” and “da” letters and brainstormed  words that had the above letters and sounds. They also formed simple sentences with these sounds. Students were shown a video “Rahim ka tasty khaana”. They discussed their understanding of the same. Students strengthened their writing skills as they wrote about their favourite food.


The students received feedback on their homework on the verbs ‘ETRE’ and ‘AVOIR’. They worked in groups to frame sentences using the verbs ‘ETRE’ and ‘AVOIR’ . This activity enhanced their thinking and social skills.


Students revised the verb SER and the subject pronouns in Spanish.They discussed their summative assessment  and cleared their doubts.


Students were welcomed with a recap of the apps that they worked on, in the previous term namely MS Word and Powerpoint.

Visual art

Students worked on their composition related to “space” to display negative and positive space. They completed their artwork using mixed media and reflected on it. Students selected the art work they wanted to include in the student portfolio.


Students learnt about the dynamics in music. They explored various dynamics through the composition played for them during the lesson. They also learned to sing two motivational songs- Salaam India and Legendary (Disney).


During their dance sessions, students stressed on correcting pirouette preparations. They are learning feet positions in the spotting technique. They also concentrated on style. Students are also learning a fast jazz dance piece. 

Physical Education

Students continued with their unit in Athletics. They practiced for different races in which they will be participating during the upcoming athletic meet.


During the library class, students discussed and established few agreements regarding the norms of behaviour in the library. The students were encouraged to select books from different genres such as  horror, thriller, adventure, to name a few. In addition to this, they issued Hindi books/novels to develop appreciation for multilingual literature for a holistic reading experience.

Student agency and voice were also discussed with the students this week. Students, in groups, decided what class responsibilities they wanted to assign to monitors. Through a common consensus the chosen responsibilities (line monitors, journal distribution etc) were  assigned monitors by the teachers.  


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