The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you…

The unit on civilization concluded with a field trip to the National museum, New Delhi, where students gained an insight into the lifestyle of people from the Indus Valley civilization through the art and artefacts displayed at the museum. They appreciated pottery, jewellery, tools etc. used by the people of that period. The students reflected upon their visit and then attempted a summative assessment.

The new unit on the universe started with a prior knowledge assessment where students were shown images related to space and universe. They discussed the images and completed a graphic organiser based on it. The central idea and the lines of inquiry were introduced using a video on the solar system (link below)

They  Big Bang theory and creation of universe and stars as revisited with the help of videos. Later students created a flip booklet based on their prior knowledge about the solar system. The students strengthened their knowledge about galaxies and meteors as they watched the following videos

Students inquired about different planets, galaxies, meteors and comets. They used their research skills to investigate how they were formed and then presented their understanding in class, thus enhancing their research and communication skills.


Our Wonder wall…. for inquiry:


Students discussed the answers to their questions and wrote the answers on the wonder wall.

During English lessons students attempted a formative assessment on writing a summary of their chosen story. Students differentiated between regular and irregular verbs through a group activity. They also watched videos with the following links pertaining to the same. This enhanced their understanding of both types of verbs. They also identified verbs from newspaper articles and categorised them in their process journals as regular and irregular. The concept of subject verb agreement was introduced through a class activity where they were given sentences and they had to identify whether the sentences were correct of incorrect. The students understood how the verb has to agree with the subject in the sentence in order to make it a meaningful one. A few rules of subject verb agreement were discussed.


During their Math classes students attempted a formative assessment on time where they were shown certain flight timetables and had to calculate elapsed time, convert time into 24- and 12-hour clock format. They also wrote a summative assessment on the concept of time. The new unit on measurement started with assessment of their prior knowledge. Students were divided into groups and given certain measuring tools like measuring tape, beakers, weighing scale etc. They measured different objects – like vegetables, book case in class, a finger ring, water in their bottles – with the help of these instruments in a group activity. They recorded their observations and analysed relevant units of measurement. They understood different units used to measure weight, length and capacity.  Students practised sums related to conversion of units on measurement.



During Hindi classes students enhanced their writing and speaking skills. They understood informal letter writing by reading a letter. Then they wrote a thank-you letter to their relatives and friends. They saw a video on essay writing and discussed about it.The following link was used for the same

During their French lessons’ students got well versed with the concept of the verb- ETRE (to be) in present tense. Students learned the pronunciation through the ‘drill’ technique and later practised the conjugation of the verb in writing. They also framed sentences collaboratively and hence developed their social, communication and thinking skills. The students viewed the following links to enhance their understanding.


During Spanish lessons students practised the subject pronouns during a class activity, wherein they were given situations to address their peers and elders in Spanish. They also learned the formal and informal concepts of using the pronouns apart from singular and plural. Students watched videos based on the subject pronouns and how are they relate to their corresponding conjugations.

Students researched on media and recorded their reflection on Microsoft PowerPoint during their ICT classes. They explored Adobe spark and created beautiful images. They also learned how to create videos. Students also enhanced their typing speed on typing club.



Students began their third unit in Art as they discussed the art space of an artwork and connected it to the related concept of their unit on ‘Space Exploration’. They identified the various visual components of ‘Elements of art’ and recognized the importance of principles of design. Students expressed their understanding in their art journals.

During their music lessons, the students learned to sing Christmas carols- ‘Hark the herald angels’ and ‘Gloria’. They practised choir singing. They also had solo singing performance during class.

In Physical Education classes the students continued with their unit on football. They practised long passing and cross passing. They also practised ground passing to a stationary partner as well as to a moving partner. They enjoyed playing short sided matches.

During the Library class, the significance of Children’s Day was discussed with the students and they also shared their opinion and perception about this day. Students were asked to pick fiction books in preparation for upcoming book review exercise in the forthcoming week.


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