“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” …

The students delved further into the unit on ‘civilizations’ as they inquired about different characteristics of each civilization. As the unit drew to a close, students prepared for the Unit of Inquiry presentation. They enjoyed giving finishing touches to the clay models of toys, pottery, jewellery which they had developed post extensive research work . The students recapitulated their final presentation with peers thus developing their communication skills (speaking, presenting) and social skills (co-operating, adopting a variety of group roles). They also took keen interest in putting up  posters and work on the display boards.

The communication and self-management skills of students were evident as they presented the Indus valley civilization to parents and gave them an insight into their understanding of the unit. They articulated confidently and expressed their thoughts clearly. They also shared how transdisciplinary subjects (Math, English and Hindi) were integrated with this unit. The parents expressed deep appreciation for the effort put forth by all students.

A formative assessment was taken wherein they expressed their understanding about the characteristics, reasons of decline and influence of a civilization of their choice, on the present times.  Students attempted another formative assessment where they dug out artefacts and inquired into how evidences of past civilizations could be used to make connections with the present day. The students wrote their reflection  and finally took the summative assessment.

During English classes students attempted the formative assessment on summary writing. Spell Bee was conducted to strengthen the vocabulary. The communication skills  were honed as they rehearsed their roles for the presentation.

During Math lessons students practised conversion of time from 12 hour to 24 hour clock and vice versa using the links



Students watched the video on the following link to understand T- chart strategy for calculating elapsed time.


Students enjoyed practice of mental math sums on a regular basis with emphasis on ‘time conversion’.

During Hindi classes students enhanced their writing and speaking skills. They understood ‘समुच्चयबोधकशब्द'(conjunction). Going further they discussed and wrote these words and also formed sentences using the same. Students practiced counting numbers in Hindi from 20-30 and used it in sentences of their own.

During their French lessons students learned new vocabulary. Students collaboratively created Pictionary using images from old newspapers.

Students were introduced to the verb Ser, during Spanish classes. The subject pronouns was explained to them in Spanish and how they are different from pronouns in English. They understood that unlike English conjugations of the verb in Spanish are not same but vary with the subject.

ICT – Students took an assessment on Microsoft word. They also practiced strengthening of typing speed on typing club.

As an integration with the current unit on ‘Civilization’ each student created a clay artefact in the visual art classes based on extensive research. They learned different clay techniques to create unique models. The clay models of the students were displayed during the Unit of Inquiry presentation and made great mementos for parents.

Music – The students learned about metronome and time signature in western music lessons. They watched videos of drummers and pianists playing the same and  guessed the time signature in the compositions.

The students  continued with  their unit in football. They practiced ground passing to a stationary partner and to a moving partner. They also practiced long passing and cross passing. Students are enjoying honing their skills and putting in their best efforts towards developing these, before they can move on to play matches.

During their library classes two books were issued to the students with special focus on mother language reading. They chose and issued one book from any genre of their choice and the other was a Hindi fiction according to their reading level. The abinitio students were issued Band 1 books to suit their level.


1 thought on ““Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” …”

  1. It was wonderful to see the the civilizations research and Involvement by the Kids, all seemed to have been involved and thoroughly enjoyed it! More such involved activities to happen it will really create GLOBAL CITIZENS FOR TOMMOROW! Much appreciate the hard work and involvement by Principal/Teachers/Administration.


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