We are lifelong learners…

Grade 4 students continued their journey into the unit of ‘Media’ as they  watched  advertisements related to gender stereotyping and reflected  on their understanding about  the same. They also tuned into the third line of inquiry ‘using media responsibly’ and were informed about the rights and responsibilities of consumers with the help of the following link.


As a natural progression they also reflected upon the responsible use of social media.

Students were made aware of academic honesty and plagiarism and reflected upon how they could curb plagiarism. The highlights of the Unit of Inquiry lessons were the two guest speaker sessions during which  Mr. Vivek Das (Principal Partner – Mindshare, North India)  and Mr. Sam Husaini (President of Triton Advertising Agency) spoke about the difference between responsible and misleading advertising, internet safety and career options in advertising. Students reflected on cyber safety and responsible use of the internet.

As part of the summative task students identified social issues prevalent in our society and the role of media in spreading awareness. Students chose different mediums like creation of a poster, video etc. to advertise a product or create social awareness about the sensitive issues.

The students tuned in to the new unit ‘Civilizations’ and they identified the necessary characteristics for a civilization to exist through a group activity.

Students watched the video on the history of civilization for a better understanding of their way of life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAQAAJo1fI0.

Work in  the process journals reflected their depth of understanding.

English lessons saw students create slogans and taglines of products using any of the language specific features like onomatopoeia, simile, and alliteration. Similarly oral and comprehension skills were tested when they listened to a radio advertisement and answered questions based on it.

They identified different parts of a newspaper with the help of the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCTnesjej8g

and documented their learning in the process journals. Students recognised and expressed new words during Spell Bee activities.

As students progressed with their Math lessons, they applied their knowledge of new strategies for array and lattice methods to solve sums and word problems on multiplication. Students enjoyed  flipped classroom activities where traditional learning roles were reversed and students shared strategies they learned with their peers. They displayed the attribute of being knowledgeable as they developed and used the conceptual understanding of the ‘Lattice’ and ‘Array’ method. A formative assessment reviewed student comprehension of addition and multiplication concepts. Summative task on number systems was completed too. Students brainstormed vocabulary words related to subtraction and practised solving word problems. An interesting aspect was the introduction of the Sudoku puzzle – students were encouraged to attempt these from the daily newspaper. Some relevant vocabulary words introduced students to the concept of division while  regular practice of mental math activities continued.

In their Hindi classes students enhanced their reading skills with an incident and  learned about the main elements to describe an incident. They also enhanced their speaking skills by practicing tongue twisters and poems. Students developed their vocabulary as they watched and discussed a video related to the hindu festival of Janmaashtami.

Hindi diwas was celebrated at school on September 14,2018 where students used the vernacular language to enact famous personalities, indulge in tongue twisters and presented a short slapstick play. All activities used the theme ‘nar ho na nirash karo manko’ a poem by Maithili Sharan Gupt as the central idea for various activities.

Hindi Ab-initio (A, B, C)

For their Hindi ab-initio classes, students enhanced their speaking and writing skills by speaking and writing tongue twisters. They developed their vocabulary by watching a video related to Janamaashtami. They also wrote sentences related to the same. They revised names of colours, and practised counting through various activities.



Students wrote  numbers (31 to 100) during French lessons as they solved sums on math operations individually. They also told time, their date of birth, their phone number etc. Interesting classroom games like find the missing number, guess the number, number patterns encouraged active engagement and vocabulary retention of the students. The focus of the activities was to sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Following links were used for classroom engagements.






Students learned the concept of descriptive adjectives during  Spanish lessons and tried to use them with the  noun vocabulary words. Students wrote one descriptive adjective with the noun or the sentence that they knew, as a class activity on slips of paper. It improved their thinking, writing and communication skills. They also learned the numbers and practised writing them from 51 to 100.


During ICT lessons students revised  different types of media like print, audio, visual etc. They expressed their learning through a reflection on Padlet. They also learned about the significance of bibliography.

For their Art lessons, students discussed the role of design, shape, colour, font, and logo of a product which is integrated with media.  They inquired about Andy Warhol and his iconic Pop art print based on consumer products, celebrity endorsements and American pop culture. Students sourced a consumer product and  used it to create their product design. They are in the process of creating their mixed media artwork based on Andy Warhol’s art style.

Music – The students shared their knowledge on various musical instruments  during  class discussion. They acquired knowledge on harmony  which is  the process by which the composition of individual sounds or superposition is analysed by hearing . Some of the students attempted to sing a  solo song on the karaoke. Fridays are karaoke days at school during lunch time where students take to the mike to express their musicality.

During Dance classes students stressed on pirouette preparations, starting with the feet positions to the toe-turn technique. They concentrated on spotting which is a technique used by dancers during the execution of various dance turns, style and  grooves of hip hop. Demonstration of different techniques that are used during the dance routine were given. Students also choreographed a hip hop dance routine with the help of their facilitator.

Physical Education

The students continued with their unit on swimming where they practised backstroke and learned how to take backstroke and freestyle start while diving.

Students also practiced skills for different sports of their choices during their other physical education class.

In Football, students practised skills of ball control, passing and receiving. They also practiced shooting and played short sided matches.

In Gymnastics, students practised forward roll, backward roll, cart wheel and splits.

During Badminton lessons, students practised forehand shot, backhand shot and high serve. They also played half court rally matches with their respective partners.

For Basketball, students practiced skills of dribbling, shooting and passing. They also played 3 vs 3 half court intra class matches.

During  Library class, students borrowed books  to suit their reading interests. Information on plagiarism was shared with the students through a story telling session where emphasis was laid on why  one should not copy someone’s idea and show as one’s own. Plagiarism as a topic is to be discussed further as students are at  an impressionable age where they can suitably imbibe the habit of referencing.





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