If you believe in yourself..anything is possible.

Grade 4 students progressed in their Unit of inquiry lessons with the second line of inquiry ‘How media can influence our choices’. Students were shown videos of celebrities endorsing certain products via advertisements and raising social awareness through media.  Students discussed the role of celebrities in influencing choices and decisions for their target audiences and reflected upon the responsibility of celebrities to be socially responsible during endorsements.

The following videos were used to facilitate the discussions



Students listed and understood the features of poster, leaflet and brochure. Students also understood the meaning of perception by reflecting upon certain optical illusions they were shown. A formative assessment was taken by students where they chose a product and created an effective advertisement using its appropriate elements.


The English lessons were integrated with Unit of Inquiry where students attempted a comprehension passage and answered questions related to persuasive techniques of employed in advertisements. Students recognised the different degrees of comparison for adjectives and applied their knowledge of the same to complete their task sheets based on adjectives. They were introduced to onomatopoeia through a video and listed the onomatopoeic words. They also read poems related to onomatopoeia for better clarity.

They watched the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OMfhkUK2Vg   to understand examples of similes.

For identifying alliterations students listened to the following song:


Creativity was on display during the formative task of creating slogans and taglines. Group work involved the strategy of using 5 Ws and 1 H to form questions for interviewing the Eco club representatives at school. To improve vocabulary, students solved a crossword puzzle based on Spell Bee words.



In their Math lessons students were explained rounding off through the mountain strategy and practised rounding off numbers in their process journals. The students completed the summative assessment on number systems. Students were introduced to Roman numerals and practised conversion between Hindu Arabic and Roman numerals. Prior knowledge assessment of number operations was taken through an activity where they chose to add and multiply any numbers from a given box to indicate their level of confidence in the use of these operations. Operation specific vocabulary was discussed and presented through a Venn diagram where   a comparison between addition and multiplication was made.

During Hindi classes, students discussed and wrote about the effects of advertisement on consumers. They made posters and slogans in conjunction with their current unit.

Grade 4 A, B , C – Ab initio

In their Hindi classes students enhanced their speaking skills by practicing tongue twisters and revisited different vyanjan through the activity.

ICT – Students have made connections between real and fake news. They also used a Padlet to collaborate on media, its various types and influence on the audience. Thus, they were able to strengthen their understanding suitably.

 During their Spanish classes students learned to introduce themselves and others in Spanish during a class activity. They watched videos on the same. Students were given homework based on self-introduction and introducing people to others.

Peer assessment through looping back sheets helped them to understand errors and improve social skills.

Music lessons saw class discussion on the style of music every student exposes themselves to and how media influences their choice of music. Students watched various advertisements (old and new) and tried to understand how the jingles helped them to choose certain products.

The students individually sang the song- ‘Fearless’ as a karaoke activity.

Dance lessons saw students practicing basic groove to funk jazz, learning about improvisation and creation in jazz. Various elements of dance were introduced – like groove and pencil turn.

Physical education – Students continued with their unit on swimming in which they were introduced to backstroke swimming and practised how to do backstroke floating and backstroke kicks.

In the Library sessions children chose books from various genres like horror, thriller, and adventure to name a few. This month, students are being encouraged to be courageous and explore books of other genres namely – science fiction and biographies.  In addition to this, they will be issued Hindi books/novels to develop an appreciation for multilingual literature for a more holistic reading experience.

Students enjoyed singing at Karaoke Friday.




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