The best time for new beginnings is now..

The new academic session started with a couple of ice breaking activities where students got introduced to each other and set essential agreements for their class. A new academic journey started with the unit on Media under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’ with the Central Idea ‘Media can influence our perception and choices’. The students tuned into the first Line of Inquiry ‘Different forms of media’ through a bus stop activity whereby they undertook a gallery walk for different types of media. They discussed the pros and cons of each type of media in groups using the ‘Dog Bone Strategy’. Students identified the strengths and limitations of print and audio-visual advertisements by analysing the important aspects – colour, font, product information etc. Students recognised different logos and understood the significance of taglines used by several brands in their advertisements. Students also were guided for a discussion on social media as they worked in pairs to create a quality advertisement of a product of their choice.

The Unit of Inquiry was well integrated with the English lessons when students saw two commercials and analysed how they were used to persuade the viewer. Naturally, a discussion on persuasive writing and the steps followed in this genre of writing ensued. Prior knowledge of students pertaining to punctuation was assessed. Students were introduced to informal letter writing and wrote letters using persuasive techniques. Unit of inquiry was further integrated with language when students in groups recognised different adjectives from the advertisements shared in the class.

Math -The students were assessed on their previous learning. The importance of face value and place value was made clear through a group activity. Students stood with number cards and rearranged their places to form different numbers – thus understanding the place and the face value of a number. They understood how the Indian and International number systems are represented. Unit of Inquiry was integrated with their Math lessons to show them advertisements with large numbers where they compared and arranged them in order. Real life connections were made as they identified situations from real life where such number comparisons come into play. Students tuned into the concept of estimation and its need in everyday life through an interesting activity. A jar of items (rajma beans, assorted sharpeners, erasers etc.) were placed on each table. Students had to estimate the value and then count the actual number in each jar. Vocabulary related to estimation was also discussed.

During their Hindi lessons students discussed about learner profiles and made essential agreements after watching a story called ‘jaaduee ghantee’. They found out ‘milte-julte shabd’ and made sentences after reciting a poem ‘laalchee bandar’. They revisited grammar concept ‘visheshan’ and found out the same from the poem. (Link for jaaduee ghantee)

During their Hindi Ab-initio classes students revised name of the colours, Hindi varnmaalaa and maatraa through various activities. They also enhanced their reading skills and vocabulary by reading cards of different maatraas.

Students completed a pre-assessment on previously learned concepts – letters, greetings, introduction and numbers in Spanish. Students also had a class activity based on introductions that reflected the IB learner profile, wherein they did understand the names of all the learner profile attributes in Spanish. Students also completed a class activity based on the learner profile attributes.

For French lessons – prior knowledge was assessed through interesting classroom games like Bingo, miming. Students identified the learner profile attributes they developed in the previous year and wrote the vocabulary and reasons for the same in French through a class activity.

During the ICT classes there was Ice Breaking activity along with an activity on formulating essential agreements.  Students learnt how to spot fake news and how to differentiate between real and fake news. They used Padlet to throw some light on their learning.

During Music lesson the students practiced vocal warm ups. They discussed how music has changed over generations in their family and what role media has played to mould their choices. The students practised how to sing a medley of patriotic songs.

In their Dance classes, students were introduced to different body conditioning techniques and exercises to prepare the body in terms of strength, flexibility and concentration.

The students were happy to see their new Art room. They began their academic year by discussing the essential agreements. Students wrote their names creatively in their art journals. Tools of visual art also known as Elements of art was discussed and students gave examples in their journals to display their understanding. Students also inquired about the different forms of media, the role of advertisements in influencing people’s perception and elements of product design.

During Physical Education classes, students participated in inter house trials for various events, to qualify for the upcoming Inter-house swimming competition. They eagerly look forward to the upcoming competitions!

The students were appreciated for their endeavours related to the summer vacation task. It is well known that given the choice, children prefer to pick up books of their inherent passion such as horror, thriller, adventure to name a few. Library sessions this month saw students become open minded and explore books of other genres. Analytical research and activities integrated with the Unit of Inquiry will be undertaken this month.


4 thoughts on “The best time for new beginnings is now..”

  1. It was wonderful to see the the civilizations research and Involvement by the Kids, all seemed to have been involved and thoroughly enjoyed it! More such involved activities to happen it will really create GLOBAL CITIZENS FOR TOMMOROW! Much appreciate the hard work and involvement by Principal/Teachers/Administration.


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